Completed Projects

Governors Highway Safety Association

Authored the following nationally distributed traffic safety reports:

*Funded by State Farm      ^Funded by Ford Motor Company Fund

Edited the following Spotlight on Highway Safety Reports:

  • Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State, Preliminary Data 2017
  • Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State, Preliminary Data 2016
  • Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State, Preliminary Data 2015
  • Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State, Preliminary Data 2014
  • Bicyclist Safety, 2014
  • Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State, Preliminary Data 2013
  • Motorcyclist Traffic Fatalities by State, Preliminary Data 2013

Consulting Services Projects Completed for State Highway Safety Offices or GHSA:

  • 2016, 2017 & 2018 Highway Safety Plan Updates (8)
  • Grant Management/Policy and Procedures Manual Review and Updates (10)
  • Equipment Monitoring Policy Review
  • Employer Performance Plan Interviews and Updates
  • Driver Education Grant Application Review and Scoring
  • Management Review Preparation (4)
  • Maintenance of Effort Support
  • 2016 & 2017 Annual Report (2)
  • Strategic Planning (2)
  • Statewide Teen Driving Review & Stakeholders Meeting Planning/Facilitation
  • Statewide Pedestrian Safety Programmatic Review
  • Partnership Strategic Plan
  • GHSA Executive Board Job Descriptions
  • A Guide for Effectively Partnering With State Highway Safety Offices
  • Grant Template Development
  • Data-driven Performance Target Setting Methodology
  • Staffing Review & Recommendation Report
  • Highway Safety Grant Writing Curriculum Development and Facilitation
  • Strategic Highway Safety Plan Process Evaluation

GHSA/National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Researched and wrote, with guidance from an expert panel, Peer-to-Peer Teen Traffic Safety Guide, to help State Highway Safety Offices and organizations working in the teen safety arena develop, implement and evaluate peer-to-peer teen traffic safety programs.  Released nationally in April 2019. Facilitated sessions on the essential elements of peer-to-peer programs at the 2018 SADD and FCCLA National Conferences and 2018 GHSA Annual Meeting.

New Jersey Governor-Elect Murphy Transition Team

Served as co-chair of the incoming administration’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee tasked with helping to shape a policy agenda that included traffic safety.

North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA)

Wrote the proposal securing $500,000 in federal funding for and led the development, implementation and evaluation of phases I and II of New Jersey’s statewide, data-driven Street Smart pedestrian safety education & enforcement campaign, which uses high visibility enforcement (HVE) and earned/paid media and grassroots public outreach to promote adoption of five safety behaviors by motorists and pedestrians. Developed the campaign website content, sample press releases, an HVE reporting form, op-eds, social media messages, blast emails, tip cards, and a how-to guide to help municipalities plan, implement, evaluate, and sustain localized campaigns. Facilitated training for the lead Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) that are partnering with municipalities to adopt and implement the campaign as well as train other organizations.

Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (FAAR)

Developed a Teen Driver Safety Action Toolkit for Family Career & Community Leaders of America and other teen-centric organizations, building upon FAAR’s interactive teen driver safety program, I Know Everything.

Pennsylvania DUI Association

Researched, compiled and directed the design of the state’s first online Teen Driving Resource Guide.

State Highway Safety Offices

Tennessee – Developed a user friendly, plain language grants management manual.

Georgia – Facilitated the nation’s first all-teen Teen Safe Driving Commission, which issued a report to the Governor and Legislature.

Alaska – Served on the consulting team that developed the 2015 Highway Safety Plan and Strategic Communications Plan/Agency RFP.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Served as the Program Manager (as a member of the M. Davis & Co. team) for an Impaired Riding Crackdown Demonstration Project evaluating high visibility enforcement (HVE) and paid/earned media addressing impaired motorcycling in four states.  Co-authored the final report and developed an impaired riding HVE checklist for use by states and local agencies.

Driver Education & Training Assessment Team – Co-authored the report for Kansas (2012).

Impaired Driving Assessment Team – Co-authored reports for Idaho (2013), Mississippi (2014), North Carolina (2015), Florida (2015), North Dakota (2016), and Montana (2018).

Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Assessment Team Chairman – Co-authored the report for Wisconsin (2016) and Michigan (2018).

Served as the Interagency negotiations and marketing expert on a GO Team assisting North Carolina develop a plan to link its crash and injury surveillance data (in partnership with VHB).

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Center for Injury Research & Prevention

Served as the legislative expert for a multi-year evaluation of New Jersey’s Graduated Driver License (GDL) program decal requirement (Kyleigh’s Law) which included facilitating access to  driver licensing and crash databases. Provided assistance/advice through webinars, phone consultation and on-site presentations to states seeking to implement a decal provision. Continue to be available to states on an on-call basis.

New Jersey Teen Safe Driving Coalition

Led and facilitated growth of the statewide Coalition from 25 to more 150 individual and organizational members who promote the proven principles of graduated driver licensing (GDL). Worked with a volunteer coordinator to develop a driver education network that provides resources, information and professional development opportunities to more than 900 education professionals.

Secured a $20,000 Allstate Foundation grant to determine, through a statewide telephone survey, parents’ knowledge of teen driving and GDL. Developed parent outreach materials, driver education teacher training to promote parent engagement and an online advertising campaign ( that reached one million New Jersey parents.

Partnered with the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association to develop the nation’s first teen safe driving primer for coaches and athletic directors to help them keep their student athletes safe on and off the field. A GDL Game Plan for Coaches has been adopted for use in nine states and lauded by the National Federal of State High School Associations

Port Authority (PA) of New York & New Jersey

Developed, in partnership with VHB (formerly Eng Wong Taub), a comprehensive communications strategy, based on data analysis, addressing the most prevalent types of crashes at the PA’s bridges and tunnel.

Michael Baker & Co.

Served as the behavioral safety expert for a pedestrian safety audit conducted on Route 35 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

American Traffic Solutions

Co-authored An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Using Automated Enforcement to Address Red Light Running at 12 Municipal Intersections in New Jersey (2012), written in response to the Legislature and public’s concern about the state’s red light camera pilot program.

Morris County Park Alliance

Facilitated a task force that developed and piloted a grassroots pedestrian safety education program in Morristown, NJ funded through a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Healthy Communities grant.

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