Graduated Driver Licensing: A Proven Tool to Reduce Teen Crash Risk, Summer Promise 2017 (National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving website)

Mission Not Accomplished: Progress in Teen driver safety needs to continue – National Teen Safe Driving Week, October 2016 (posted on the National Safety Council Safety-First blog)

Going Back to School on GDL – National Teen Safe Driving Week, October 2016 (posted on the Ford Driving Skills for Life website)

GDL is Critical Not Only for Teens, But Their Parents – Global Youth Traffic Safety Month, May 2015 (Also posted by NOYS & FAAR)

Press Coverage

Why It’s Hard to Crack Down on Drowsy Driving — October 2017 (Stateline/Pew Charitable Trust, HuffingtonPost & USA Today)

Road Warrior: Cycling Deaths Climbing Toward a Record – September 2017

Drivers Ed for Parents? Some States Say They Need It – August 2017 (Stateline/Pew Charitable Trusts & Huff Post)

As Bicyclists Deaths Surge, States Grapple – August 2017 (Forbes)

Bad News for Bicyclists As Deaths Spike – August 2017 (Forbes)

Bicycling Fatalities Are Up Nationally, Florida Struggles to Improve Safety – August 2017 (Orlando Sentinel)

Road Warrior: Parents Need to Be Teachers Behind The Wheel August 2017

Parents, It’s Time to Review Your Family’s Summer Driving Habits, July 2017 (

7 Steps to Safer Driving With Continuing Driver’s Ed – May 2017 (Media Planet, Modern Wellness Guide)

Road Warrior: Watch Out!  These New Jersey Crosswalks are the Most Dangerous – April 2017

Advocacy Group Says as Traffic Deaths Rise, NJ Laws Fall Short – February 2017 (Star Ledger)

Road Warrior: Blue Lines Have Some Seeing RedJanuary 2017

Distracted Driving Leading Cause of NJ Crashes – January 2017 (Star Ledger, NJ Herald, Courier Post)

Are we driven to distraction? A recent increase in traffic deaths is tied to hands-free systems in cars, some say – November 2016 (Star Ledger)

Older Teen Drivers Involved In More Fatal Crashes Than Younger Ones; Deaths Spike 10%, Report Finds – October  2016 (Forbes)

New Jersey’s Graduated Driver License Law Saving Lives – October 2016 (NJTV, PBS)

Fatalities in teen crashes spike after steady decline, study finds – October 2016 (USA Today)

Car crashes remain leading cause of death for teens, but fatalities drop by almost half in a decade – October 2016 (The Washington Post)

Older Teen Drivers Remain High Risk for Crashes Despite Graduated Licensing Laws: Report – October 2016 (Insurance Journal)

National Study: Raise Junior Driver License Standards to Age 21 – October 2016 (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Older teens at higher risk when it comes to fatal crashes, new report says – October 2016 (Palm Beach Post)

Report: Drowsy driving is a sleeper threat in crashes – August 2016 (USA Today)

Sleeping at the Wheel Costs the U.S. a Shocking Amount of Lives and Money – August 2016 (Huffington Post)

Nearly 83.6 Million American Drivers Are Sleep Deprived – August 2016 (Forbes)

Drowsy Driving Causes 1 in 5 Fall Crashes – August 2016 (Health Day)

Drowsy Driving Factoring Into Traffic Deaths – August 2016 (The Hill)

Teen Drivers Playing With Apps a Bigger Problem Than Texting, Study Finds – August 2016 (New Jersey 101.5)

How Did the Pedestrian Cross the Road? – July 2016 (Slate)

Road Warrior: Pokemon Go gamers behind the wheel a monstrous distraction – July 2016

NJ counties with most fatal crashes so far this year – June 2016 (Star-Ledger)

Does NJ’s written driver’s test leave out too much important information? – April 2016 (New Jersey 101.5)

Are you distracting your kid behind the wheel? – April 2016 (New Jersey 101.5)

A 70 mph Speed Limit in NJ? Not So Fast, State Says – April 2016 (Star-Ledger)

Teen Driver Decal Isn’t a Predator Magnet – March 2016 (Star-Ledger)

Pedestrian Safety: How Drivers and Walkers Save Lives– September 2015 (

New Research Finds Rise in Injuries Caused by Walking and Texting– August 2015 (Good Morning America)

Ensuring Your Child’s Driver’s License Isn’t a License to Kill – April 2015 (Newsweek Blog)

Caucus NJ: On the Road to Improving Teen Driver Safety – March 2015 (PBS Video)


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