Pam at J&B Wedding (2)Pam Shadel Fischer is a New Jersey-based transportation safety consultant with three decades of experience addressing behavioral safety issues at the local, state and national level through advocacy, education, enforcement, outreach, policy, and planning. She established the firm bearing her name in 2011 to help local, state and federal government agencies and non-profit organizations address the behavioral safety issues that put all roadway users at risk.

Pam is passionate about this work and believes that zero – no crashes, injuries or fatalitieNot So Fast Covers – is the only acceptable roadway safety goal. She is a nationally recognized teen safe driving expert, the co-author of the 2nd Edition of Not So Fast, Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving, available from leading book retailers, and the author of a Peer-to-Peer Teen Traffic Safety Guide, released by the Nap2pcovertional Highway Traffic Safety Administration in April 2019. An avid walker, she is a staunch advocate for a total ban on the use of electronic devices by people who drive, bike and walk. She also supports states adopting a .05 blood alcohol content level, having survived a crash involving a drunk and distracted driver. Read More


Banner artwork created by Maplewood High School students and provided courtesy of the Nikhil Badlani Foundation